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Custom-engineered roll covers that perform better, last longer
Returning your metal, paper or industrial rolls to like-new condition

Roll Maintenance

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Return your rolls to like-new condition.

Even Vail's longer-lasting, more reliable roll covers and cores eventually need refurbishing or repair. So whether it's a Vail roll cover or one of our competitor's that needs work, our Mechanical Service team will focus on getting your rolls quickly returned to your line and ready to perform at peak efficiency. Contact us for:

  • Regrinding or recovering your rolls
  • Grooving and beveling
  • Precision drilling to clean plugged cores and shells
  • Cover surface and core inspections (including non-destructive testing)
  • Metal core repair and millwright services
  • Rebuilding and reconditioning of suction boxes
  • Headbox apron and top slice up refurbishment
  • Variable crown refurbishment
  • Thermal spray coating for roll journals, cores and other equipment
  • Fast delivery of spare parts
  •  Roll cover maintenance and care seminars

Whether you are manufacturing a new product, looking for ways to lower costs on an existing line or dealing with an environment that's destroying your roll maintenance budget —bring the challenge to us. We are your one-stop problem solver.

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