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Custom-engineered roll covers that perform better, last longer
Returning your metal, paper or industrial rolls to like-new condition

Paper Industry

paper industry

Vail custom roll covers keep more money in your operations.

Let's face it. You rarely save money when you constantly recover your paper mill equipment rolls. That's why the lowest-priced roll cover isn't necessarily the "best buy." To really save money in your operations you need to significantly increase the run times between roll recovering. Come to Vail roll specialists for:

  • Knowledge to help you improve your papermaking process without compromising your quality out-the-door
  • Cost-control insight
  • Custom rubber and special compound formulation expertise that last longer, perform better
  • Dedicated field support and FREE onsite roll analysis

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When you do need to repair or refurbish your rolls, no one offers more timely turnarounds than Vail.

Besides having no money to waste, you have no time to waste in the pulp and paper industry. So when your roll covers do need repairs or refurbishing, turn to our St. Joseph Service Center or Mobile Service Center. Our quality workmanship will earn your confidence and our timely deliveries your repeat business. Contact us whenever you need:

  • Roll grinding
  • General roll repair
  • Suction roll rebuilds
  • Headbox apron and top slice up refurbishment
  • Variable crown rolls
  • Spare parts

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You may be familiar with our products under the following names:

Insul 250 Wire Rolls
Black Rock  
Temp Rock  
Ni-Chem Cylinder Couch
Ni-Chem X  
Couch Coat  
Top Tex Extractor (110 P&J)
Near Rock Drive Rolls
Vail-Mate II  
Long Lease I Lumpbreaker
Long Lease  
Vail-Press I  Suction Press
Vail-Press II  
Drill Press BD Press
Drill Press II  
Vail-Mate G II Grooved Press
Vail-Mate G  
Emerald Stone Hard Press
Emerald Stone II Hard Size Press
Emerald Stone III Hard Breakerstack
Top-Lease NIBR Soft Press
Emerald Mate Soft Size Press
Emerald Mate Soft Breaker Stack
Maxcoat Coater Rolls
Blue Coat II  
Blue Coat III  
Poly-Cast Plus Coater/Size Press
Silk Lease Leadout/Leadin
Silk Lease II  
Silk Lease III  
Maxsize Hard Size
  Hard Breaker Stack
Poly Dry Dryer Felt Rolls
Reel Rock Reel Spool
Chemshed Sludge Press