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Custom-engineered roll covers that perform better, last longer
Returning your metal, paper or industrial rolls to like-new condition

Custom Engineered Covers

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Vail's Technical Service team will help you choose the correct cover, finish and profile every time.

The Vail Technical Service team has extensive experience in custom engineering the correct roll covers for almost every roll application. With our custom formulation capabilities and in-house mixing facility, we can meet your specific needs and ensure that every roll we deliver passes our high quality requirements. You can count on Vail to develop roll covers that perform better, last longer and keep costs lower because our team:

  • Monitors industry trends so we can anticipate changing roll cover needs
  • Performs customer site evaluations of your process conditions and existing roll life so you get the correct tolerances for your application
  • Listens to your process and roll cover concerns and responds with performance-improving and cost-saving solutions
  • Analyzes roll performance per unit of production
  • Conducts chemical resistance testing with your chemicals
  • Inspects incoming covers and cores and analyzes the effects of load and speed on them
  • Specifies correct elastomer hardness from bone hard to extra soft
  • Offers the right surface finish from polished, belt or wheel grind, threaded or crepe, no-slip and custom options
  • Provides precision drilling, beveling and grooving (diamond, herringbone or Chevron, spiral, circumferential cuts or grooves, razor cut/cubed and Venta-nip)
  • Builds new cores to your specifications

So whether you are manufacturing a new product, looking for ways to lower costs on an existing line or dealing with an environment that's destroying your roll maintenance budget —bring the challenge to us. We are your one-stop problem solver.