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Returning your metal, paper or industrial rolls to like-new condition

Metal Industry

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Get the lowest total cost, not necessarily the lowest unit price.

Don't be fooled by others in our industry who try to convince you that driving down individual roll cover prices will give you breathing space in your operating budget. Our customers will tell you differently.

For example, one of our customers used to run a competitor's "economical" wringer roll cover. It was a "good buy." That is until Vail conducted a cost analysis of the process. We came back with a custom-formulated cover that was priced nearly four times higher than the competitor's cover. That's a big hit to anyone's bottom line. But our customer made the switch because Vail's custom roll cover ran seven times longer. It was more expensive per unit — but what a savings! No other roll cover manufacturer has been able to match Vail's lowest total cost performance in this application.

With Vail's expertise:

  • Get longer running wringer, sink, steering, mechanical, bridle, hold down, deflector, pinch, pickling or furnace exit roll covers
  • Custom formulate tougher mandrel sleeves, segments and fastening systems
  • Protect your rolls and surface critical metals with polyurethane pads and products
  • Remove liquids faster and easier with Masroll® rolls
  • Use our ISO certification to help you meet the highest global standards, too.

Role Applications:

  • Applicator/CoaterRolls
  • Bridle Rolls
  • Deflector Rolls
  • Furnace Exit Rolls
  • Hold Down/Ironing Rolls
  • Mechanical Rolls
  • Pinch Rolls
  • Sink Rolls
  • Steering Rolls
  • Synchrowind Rolls
  • Tension Leveler Rolls
  • Wringer/Squeegee Rolls

To add these improvements to your operations (and bottom line), start with a FREE, onsite line inspection and roll analysis or contact us to talk specifics.

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Need repairs? Vail does the work to your specification, on time.

Even the best-formulated roll covers eventually wear out. So when you want your roll returned to like-new performance, contact Vail for:

  • Regrinding or recovering
  • Grooving, threading and beveling covers
  • Drill cleaning and drilling
  • Complete core inspection
  • In-house core repairs
  • Millwright services
  • New cores
  • Rebuilding/reconditioning suction boxes
  • Thermal spray coating for roll journals, cores and other equipment
  • Roll cover maintenance and care seminars conducted at your site


Our Products and Application Details


ProductPropertiesApplication/Environment Detail
Z-Series™ 50-95 Shore A hardness; 340°F max operating temp. Resistant to high heat, cutting, tearing, wear, acids/caustics, oils, etc. 
Ni-Chem™ 60-90 Shore A hardness; 225° F max operating temp.  Resistant to abrasion & caustic solutions. 
Orange Squeeze™ 70-90 Shore A hardness; 225° F max operating temp.  Resistant to abrasion & acidic solutions. 
PL Series™ 80-95 Shore A Hardness; 225° F max operating temp.  Resistant to abrasion, cutting and chemcials including acids & oils. 
DuraSqueeze XT™ 70-90 Shore A hardness; 275°F max operating temp.  Excellent option for elevated temps, physical and chemical applications.
BlueCoat™ 70-90 Shore A hardness; 275° F max operating temp.  Superior abrasion resistance and chemcial resistance. 
Resistex™ 60-80 Shore A hardness; 180° F max operating temp.  Resistant to HCL & general acids, good abrasion resistance. 
BlackFire™ 40-100 Shore A hardness; 225° F max operating temp.  Good in caustic, acidic and oily applications. Superior wear properties. 
Core Guard™ Approx. 75-80 Shore D hardness Excellent resistance to cutting, used as a "hard base". 
Thermodur™ 60-70 Shore D; 2200 °F max operating temp.  Developed to transport sheet through furances of hot and cold rolling mills. 
Polycast™ 70-90 Shore A hardness; 160° F max operating temp.  Excellent cut/abrasion resistance in wet/humind environments. 
Polycast+™ 60 Shore A - 75 Shore D hardness; 180° F max operating temp.  Excellent abrasion/loading resistance in wet/humid environments. 
Polylast™ 30 Shore A - 60 Shore D hardness; 180° F max operating temp.  Ideal for heavily loaded mechanical applications, Good oil resistance
Polytek™ 55-65 Shore A hardness; 180° F max operating temp.  Outstanding cut/tear/wear resistance for this hardness range. 
Polyfire™ 80 - 95 Shore A hardness; 250F max operating temp. Excellent mechanical roll at higher temperatures
Nitrile 40-100 Shore A hardness; 225° F max operating temp.  Interchangeable between caustics & acids. Excellent in oily applications. 
CSM 35-95 Shore A hardness; 275° F max operating temp.  Combination of temp, abrasion, chemical, and oil resistance. 
EPDM 30-95 Shore A hardness; 300° F max operating temp.  Resistant to chromic acid, caustics solutions, and weathering. 
Neoprene 20-95 Shore A hardness; 250° F max operating temp.  Very good resistance to acids, good abrasion resistance, versitile.
Viton 70-90 Shore A hardness; 400° F max operating temp.  Excellent temp, oil, acid, caustic and solvent resistance.