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Custom-engineered roll covers that perform better, last longer
Returning your metal, paper or industrial rolls to like-new condition

Vail Rubber Works, Inc.

Solve your toughest problems with longer lasting rolls.

For more than 100 years Vail has solved some of the toughest roll cover problems in the most grueling manufacturing environments. Now you can challenge our innovative Technical Services team to custom-formulate a rubber or polyurethane solution for your metal, paper or industrial application that will run longer, perform better and improve your bottom line. But that’s not all we can do for your operations. Our in-house Mechanical Services team are standing ready to refurbish or repair your rolls and cores to like-new condition. And since our service centers are centrally located, you can count on your rolls being back online with minimal downtime. 

To start lowering your roll cover’s costs and increasing your productivity, ask our field team to do a FREE, onsite roll analysis. Your roll cover problems are about to be solved! 


Other Services

Specialty products, delivery services and FREE roll analysis are available to companies anywhere in the continental United States and some provinces of Canada. Let us help you lower your costs, improve your operations and minimize downtime with mandrel sleeves, Masroll® rolls, on-site analysis, etc.  

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Custom Engineered Covers

Custom engineering ensures you’ll get the exact roll cover formulation and design your application demands. There are no off-the-shelf solutions at Vail. Our Technical Services team will help you choose the correct roll cover, finish and profile. We’ll build cores to your specifications. 

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Thermal Spray Coatings

HVOF/thermal spray coatings can help extend your part reliability up to 4x longer than you’ll see with spray welding and metalizing.  Developed for the rocket industry, these coatings offer the best corrosion resistance for your toughest environments. 

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