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Custom-engineered roll covers that perform better, last longer
Returning your metal, paper or industrial rolls to like-new condition

Diverse Industrial Solutions


Get long-term performance improvements for your specific roll cover needs.

No matter what your industry —architectural components, glass, food, leather, you name it — if your process requires rolling, Vail can custom formulate a roll cover that lasts longer, has fewer blowouts, is more reliable and offers greater cost savings.

To make sure you have the best roll covering for each position, we will come right to your plant to conduct a FREE, thorough analysis of your process. As an ISO certified company you can be sure the roll covers we deliver will conform to your stringent standards, too.

But don't come to us for the lowest initial roll cover price. Our industrial roll customers will tell you they pay three or more times more for a Vail roll cover. But they do it to save money. Once installed, these roll covers last up to five times longer! Our competition never talks about savings like that because they can't. Are you ready for that level of savings, too? Contact us.

Ongoing maintenance services further improve your processes and lower costs.

When your covers need refurbishing or your cores need repair, Vail's in-house Mechanical Service team will efficiently and cost-effectively conduct:

  • Regrinding or recovering
  • Grooving, threading and beveling covers
  • Drill cleaning and drilling
  • Complete core inspection
  • In-house core repairs
  • Millwright services
  • New cores
  • Rebuilding/reconditioning suction boxes
  • Thermal spray coating for roll journals, cores and other equipment
  • Roll cover maintenance and care seminars conducted at your site