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Vail specialty products, FREE roll analysis and fast delivery keep your production lines making money.

The roll is just one part of your process, but when it's not running at peak performance you can lose money. Vail roll cover specialists take pride in helping you control your costs by being your source for:

  • Mandrel sleeves that create less scrap. Our Technical Services team carefully engineers the sleeves so they can withstand the pressure, torque, temperature and chemicals in your operation — a significant advantage when you are processing oiled and highly surface-critical metal sheets. Our designs help to eliminate excessive coil end break, telescoping and side dishing. Contact us to learn what Vail mandrel sleeve design will improve your operations.
  • Urethane pads and products to protect your rolls and surface-critical metals. Vail offers a variety of urethane products: crane coil sheaths and hooks, coil and conveyor pads, bumpers, mounts, spacer rings, floor pads and other parts. We also custom design and manufacturer high quality urethane products for proprietary and special applications.
  • Masroll® rolls that quickly and efficiently remove fluids. When you need to remove liquids from your process — whether it is water, oil, hydrocarbon solvents, plasticizers, acid, alkaline or other liquid chemicals — this revolutionary micro-fiber roll pad and vacuum suction system does an outstanding job of absorbing liquids. In some instances, it can actually eliminate the need for a dryer (a significant equipment and energy savings). To see if this liquid processing system is a solution for your operations, contact us.
  • FREE, onsite roll analysis. At Vail there is no guessing what will work best in in your operation. No off-the-shelf solutions, either. Instead, we'll send our field support team to your site to conduct a thorough analysis of your rolls and your operating environment. It's a no-obligation way to see whether you can cut costs and improve your processes. To learn more or to schedule an analysis, click here.
  • Fast deliveries. Customers tell us that often our repairs, refurbishments and even our new roll covers arrive in the time others charge for "rush" services. At Vail, we provide roll cover solutions for companies anywhere in the continental United States and some provinces of Canada. We operate our own fleet of trucks to expedite transporting rolls in the Midwest and Southeast. Other locations get timely deliveries from our common carriers. And if our fast delivery schedule isn't fast enough, rush deliveries are available. Talk to us and let's get you the turnaround you need.