Emerald Stone releases fiber and pitch-like substances with ease. Vail can help you minimize maintenance time in your hard press roll applications. Contact us >

For more demanding press roll applications, also consider:

Emerald Stone™ Premium Roll Covers

  • Hard top press rolls
  • Hard center press rolls
  • Bottom smoothing press rolls
  • Bottom breaker stack press rolls

Emerald Stone roll covers are formulated with a premium elastomeric compound material that can withstand the continuous pressures and chemicals in the press section.  It is easily doctored so the smooth surface releases fiber and allows pitch-like substances to be removed. Use stainless steel or composite doctor blades to clean it without fear of abrasion or scoring. Emerald Stone is definitely built tough for dewatering processes.


Technical Data


0-1 P&J

Operating Temperature

175-200 degrees F

Cover Thickness

5/8-inch max. (1.58 cm)


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