For your toughest conditions, consider:

Poly-Cast™ and Plus™ Premium Roll Covers

  • Coater Backing Rolls

Polycast: Polycast has excellent cut, tear, wear, and water resistance. This makes Polycast an excellent choice for applications such as EGL hold down and rinse tank wringer rolls. Polycast greatly outwears other wringer rolls in rinse water applications.

Polycast Plus: We formulated Poly-Cast Plus, a premium polyurethane roll covering material, to be much less susceptible to dents and cuts than other compound materials. Use this cover material and you will spend much less time maintaining your roll covers and more time producing paper. Polycast Plus has very good resistance to water, excellent cut, tear, and wear resistance, as well as exceptional dynamic properties. Polycast Plus easily withstands higher line speeds and loads without breaking down. This makes Polycast Plus an excellent choice for mechanical applications such as bridle, pinch, and snubber rolls.

Technical Data


65-95 Shore A

Operating Temperature

150-200° F

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