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To meet more demanding roll cover applications, also consider:

Drill Press™ Standard Roll Covers

  • Blind Drilled Press Rolls

The Drill Press roll cover is a softer, standard elastomeric compound material that can be drilled for all pattern requirements to ensure faster and better water removal. Its excellent uniformity reduces felt saturation in the nip so the cover and felt get longer run lives.  The Drill Press formulation is compatible with all papermaking chemicals and recycled water. You can run it continuously up to 220 degrees F without experiencing early wear. It offers good doctorability and good abrasion resistance so you spend less time changing out rolls and more time processing paper. For a 60-day trial run, contact us >


Technical Data


7-12 P&J

Operating Temperature

200-220° F

Cover Thickness (Max/Min)

1.25" max.


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