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Also consider these covers for your blind drilled press rolls:

Drill Press X™ Super Premium Roll Covers

  • Blind drilled press rolls

The Drill Press X roll cover is the most advanced premium elastomeric roll cover you can buy for your blind drilled press roll and high-demand paper machine applications. This revolutionary material can withstand high chemical concentrations and is thermally stable at continuous run temperatures up to 240 degrees F.  Its uniformity assures consistent water removal across the sheet. And its excellent doctoring means this durable roll cover runs clean so there is less maintenance, fewer change outs.  When you regrind it, the Drill Press X loses minimal stock. It is the solution you need to run higher speed, quality papermaking processes.


Technical Data


10-40 P&J

Operating Temperature

200-240° F

Cover Thickness

1.25" max.


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